Managed service providers tend to be Web hosting or application service providers that allow users to outsource their network and application resource procedures under a delivery agreement. In most cases, MSPs own the entire physical back-end infrastructure and provide resources to end users remotely over the Internet on a self-service, on-demand basis.

We offer three different levels of Managed Services:

Starter Basic Antivirus Managed Services

This is the first level of Managed Services that we offer and it includes Basic Antivirus Services for only $ 65/month per user.

Medium level Managed Service with Antivirus & OS updates

This is our second level of Managed Services that we offer with Antivirus and OS updates included OS updates, programs updates and our Antivirus service for only $130/month per user.

Ultimate Managed Services

This is our Ultimate level of Managed Services that we offer which includes everything and full managed service for only $ 260/ month per user.